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Hygiene necessities, hygiene supplies, disinfectants, baby changing tables, insect killers and hand dryers, buy these an much more items online in our hygiene shop!

Years ago, we decided to offer our extensive assortment of hygiene items and hygienic supplies - at the time mainly baby changing tables, foldable baby nursery tables and baby changers for wall-mounting, hygienic dispensers and cleaning agents as well as a small selection of hand dryers, hair dryers and baby changing units - also online to an extended group of customers.
Core products are our wooden baby changing units and our foldable wall-mounted baby changers. Meanwhile we offer Europe's largest range of foldable and wall-mounted baby changing tables. These are made of wood, plastic and/or stainless steel. Our baby and child range has expanded to baby furniture and children's furniture as well as child safety gates, children beds and children toys from Childhome.

The growing demand as well as our interest in novelties, market development and legislation within the segment of hygiene and the hospitality industry are part of our succes. Our prompt, customer-oriented service and our cooperation with all TOP-manufacturers form the other part of our 25< years of hygiene-products succes story.

The general trend towards online purchasing has led us to expand our product range in many different segments. Over the years, an incredibly large portfolio of products as well as a strong network of manufacturers and suppliers has developed inside Customers from England, Irland, Schotland, Wales, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and the rest of Europe belongs to our daily business. From housewives to small businesses to fast food chains and airports - our customers are very diverse. After all a clean and hygienic environment is very important for small as well as big businesses. Also here, our foldable changing tables and wall mounted nursery tables are one of our strongest product groups.

Hand dryer and hair dryer - from standard up to design objects

Blowdryers, hotel hairdryers and commercial hair dryers from Dan Dryer, Fumagalli or Solis as well as handdryers and hand dryers with built-in sensor in all price ranges, materials and performance classes. The Dyson Airblade and the Dyson Tab are among our topsellers - as are the top models from Fumagalli, Mitsubishi, Dan Dryer, Franke, Try Air, Marplast, Rossignol, Solis AG and Mediclinics. These are available immediately in high quantities and with a volume discount!

Insect killer and pest control

We offer a wide selection of products for effective pest control. Insect traps such as fragrance traps, insect fan traps, bug zapper, glue board flykiller, UV insect killers, electrical zap bugkiller as well as electric fly killers or insect electrocutor trap or electric grid fly killer from 15 to 60 watts from Insect o cutor, Pluslight, Rossingol, Atex, Exocutor, FTP, Flytrap, Fan and aerosol refill perfumes, refill spray cans, sprays, retrofit adhesive surfaces, adhesie foils and UV retrofit tubes for all manufacturers mentioned. Together with our products, it is guaranteed that you will solve your pest-problem! - from moths, flies, musquitos, ants up to a wasp's and hornet's nest. We are the online shop for bug zappers, anti insect sprays, anti wasp foam and electrical insect traps! Annoying insects do not have a chance, get rid of your wasp-nest with help from our anti wasp sprays and other anti insect control tools even faster and more thoroughly than ever before!

Foldable baby changer and wall mounted baby changing unit for baby hygiene - everything around babies and toddlers!

We are specialized in childrens high-chairs, foldable baby changing tables and wall baby changers suited for wall-mounting, commercial baby changing units, recessed mounted baby changing stations made of wood, stainless steel, plastic with TÜV certification, which we all, of course, deliver in large quantities with a volume discount! Our main suppliers within the area of changing stations are Koala Kare, Vectair, Simex, Dan Dryer, Pressallit, Bobrick, Wagner, Childhome and byBo Design - wall mounted baby changers and foldable baby chaning stations as well as baby changing cupboards from Childhome - and last but not least: our selection children's furniture and play equipment - or as we call them: playing furniture in different styles and materials. Stylish, practical and durable. Currently the horizontal surface mounted foldable changing station from Koala Kare Products is very popular with our customers!

Hospitality industry and lifestyle products

Early on a relationship to the hospitality and catering industry developed, so the demand quickly went beyond just hand dryer & Co. Today, we offer a wide range of products for the hospitality industry: cleaning carts and housekeeping trolleys - an extensive range of plastic glassware, all kinds of hygienic dispensers, waste disposal systems, outdoor furniture, kitchen appliances, water taps, urinals, ashtrays, outdoor fireplaces, grill stations up to terrace infrared heaters as well as multi-function IR-heaters which are both loudspeaker and light source. Our leading manufacturers are Outtrade, Casselin, Heatlight, Franke, Splast, Wagner-EWAR, Marplast, Gamar, Infralogic, Simex, Graepel High Tech, Elbo therm and Solamagic - which of the last one mentioned offers a breathtaking infrared heater program - leaves nothing to be desired - also regarding large quantities and prompt delivery times. Our range of housekeeping carts and cleaning trolleys for the professional segment is to be highlighted. Cleaning carts for all imaginable requirements can be easily selected and ordered in our shop!

Outdoor ashtrays, wall mounted ashtrays as well as floor standing ashtrays

Due to the increasing shifting of smoking areas into the outdoor area, we developed a comprehensive range of ashtrays like wall mounted ashtrays, floor standing ashtrays as well as indoor ashtrays, outdoor ashtrays, ashtray tiles and portable ashtrays made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and steel plate in black, stainless steel look or in silver as well as in white. Many of our floor standing ashtrays and wall mounted ashtrays can be filled with sand and have an inner bucket for faster and easier emptying.

Hygiene products and hygiene dispensers

Soap dispensers, foam soap dispensers, disinfectant dispensers and hand disinfecting agents as well as surface disinfecting dispensers. Also paper towel dispensers, bathroom tissue dispenser as well as hygienic paper dispensers. With soap dispensing solutions everything has started for us and hygienic dispensers probably remain the strongest growing assortment within In our shop you will find a comprehensive range of hygienic dispensers, smart storage containers for consumables, for cleaning or waste disposal purposes. From paper-towels up to the appropriate papertoweldispenser for these consumables. From hygiene items such as soap up to a wide range of dispensers made of all kinds of materials and in all price and performance classes. Paper hand towel dispensers made of plastic, steel and stainless steel can be found in our webshop, dispenser models which are very robust, especially to protect against vandalism, are among our bestsellers. Our top manufacturers are Cleanline, Odorite, Wagner Ewar, Virtual, Lcd, Steiner, MediQo, Prodifa, Bobrick, Franke Water Systems, Marplast, Urimat, Ophardt and many more..

Disinfectants and disinfecting dispensers as well as soaps, soap dispensers and foam soap dispensers for hand disinfection

In our disinfectants and soap online shop you find everything around soap dispensers, disinfectant dispensers and fragrance dispensers from all leading manufacturers for the optimal hand disinfection and wound disinfection (hand sterilisation, wound sterilisation). We also offer a comprehensive disinfectant refill program from Bode Sterillium as well as disinfection gels. Likewise, you can find bottles and canister with different refill quantities in our online shop, such as soap from Lavydes, Marplast, Steiner, Eilfix - foam soap from Marplast and Sani Foam, antiseptic soaps, care balsam or disinfection soap from Hygienfresh. Surface disinfectants as well as soap, detergents and hygienical cleaner agents are available in various filling quantities and canister sizes.

Cleaning agents, cleaning carts and mobile cleaning trolleys with mop press

In addition, we also supply hotel cleaning carts and mobile housekeeping cleaning trolleys, cleaning cart or hotel trolley with mop press, mobile housekeeping cart with mop, mobile waste separation systems, janitor carts, commercial housekeeping rolling carts in all shapes and sizes. Splast is clearly our main supplier here. A comprehensive range of cleaning accessories such as industrial detergents for professional and large-area cleaning, can be found in our detergent shop. Toilet cleaner, dishwashing detergent, stainless steel cleaners, urinal blocks, all the way up to industrial detergents.
Here you will also find a comprehensive range of care products for various applications, materials and surfaces. From 500ml up to 1 liter, 5 liters, 10 liters, 20 liters of canister goods up to a whole pallet delivery by carrier to the loading dock. In our assortment you will also find cleaning machines, floor scrubbers and floor care machines from the leading manufacturer Cimel. The professional scrubber suction machines Turbolava as well as the Vapor steam cleaner must be mentioned at this point.

Our Top manufacturers:

Dan Dryer, Koala, Vectair, Simex, Childhome, byBo Design, Splast, Bode Chemie (Paul Hartmann), CeanLine, Odorite, Virtual, Lcd, Steiner, Tawi, MediQo, Prodifa, Bobrick, Marplast, Franke Water Systems, Wagner-EWAR, Heatlight, Urimat, Ophart, Outtrade, Casselin, Graepel High Tech, Solamagic, Insect o cutor, Satelite, BellOdeur, La Vie, Alda, Bell Odeur, Bobrick, Turbolava, Dosing Care, Ecobug, Frelu, Gamar, Infralogic, La Vie, Rubbermaid, Cimel, Splast, Fan, Fumagalli, Mowi, Gamar, Childhome, Genus, Insect-O-Cutor, Atex, iGu, Vector, PestSenz, Rossignol, Pluslight, Splashproof, Moel, Excalibur, Liberator, Flytrap, Halo, Exocutor, Cit, Buddyguard, MassQuit, Insetticida, FTP, Glue-Pad, Prodifa, Air Control, Air Free, Airosol..

Are you in need of large hygiene products quantities?

In need of larger quantities? You came to the right place. For instance, for object builders, objectmakers, planning office, construction companies and architect / architects e.g architecture segment, interior architecture and architectural firms. We are specialized in offering custom made product offers regarding tendering texts, call for tenders, call for offers from architects, planners, general contractors, builders and object makers and the like.

In our online shop you will find a variety of professional products and items for trendy hotels, modern villas, clinics, restaurants, gas stations, industry, shopping malls, fast food companies, campsites, cinemas, apartments, hospitals, nursing homes, wellness and sauna areas. We, from offers delivery from stock with wholesale conditions. For an individual cost-free customized offer, please contact us! Please take note of our volume discounts (bulk discount), scaled prices as well as our special offers.

We are a wholesale company with many years of experience within the field of hygiene, commercial and hospitality products. We supply retailers, wholesalers and private individuals. Our delivery system is very reliable, fast and usually free! Does your company has several international subsidiaries and/or affiliates and your order must be partly distributed accordingly? No problem at all, we deliver the ordered goods quickly and on time to their international destinations.

We are pleased when also you make the decision to order your hygiene products, refills and accessories at and offcourse we remain at your disposal for any questions, advice or information needed. Everything to make your (work) environment more practical and hygienic, to clean and to keep it clean, you will find in our online-shop!

Wholesale pricing and cheap international shipping costs are a matter of course at Schrama Handels GmbH. We wish you happy browsing in our online-shop!