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100 ml aerosol micro - scented spray TimeMist

A small but a powerful line of classic smells

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  • RB000186-2
  • Pelsis
  • 9009817010418
Aerosol Aircare Time Mist 100ml A small but a powerful line of classic smells Petite but... more
Product information "100 ml aerosol micro - scented spray TimeMist"

Aerosol Aircare Time Mist 100ml

A small but a powerful line of classic smells

Petite but punchy, the Micro range includes your favourite Classic range fragrances in a compact 100ml design, delivering fantastic fragrances into discreet or space conscious environments. The extensive choice of fragrances ranges from mouth watering green apple to the clean smell of fresh linen, summer florals to zesty clementine.

Description of the different fragrances:


An intense masculine fragrance ideal for sports facilities and washrooms, Adrenalin delivers a powerful fragrance punch.

Baby Powder:
One of the most evocative of the range, Classic Baby Powder is a fresh clean fragrance, delivering the scent of light talc, ideal for washrooms.

A delicious and rounded fragrance, balancing the full notes of ripe mouth watering oranges with sweet clementines, to deliver an intensive Clementine hit.

Invigorating Citrus delivers an intense clean citrus fragrance, featuring orange and lemon flavours.

Country Garden:
Lily of the valley, tea rose and ylang ylang blended together to create a delicate floral scent evocative of a country garden.

Fresh Linen:
Ein wunderbar sauberer Duft nach frischgewaschener Wäsche an einem warmen Sommertag. Dieser Duft ist ideal fürhygienebewusste Anwendungen geeignet.

Green Apple:
A delicious and mouth watering fruity fragrance, Classic Green Apple creates a refreshingly crisp scent, intense enough to deal with problem washrooms.

Summer Fresh:

A light, refreshing, fruity accord incorporating orange, grapefruit and zest of lemon with a base of ripe summer fruits.1

Smell catalog (English):


Technische Daten:

  • Available in 6 smell directions 
  • balanced, clear and fresh smells 
  • capacity: 270ml
  • easy to use - wonderful fragrant results
  • for each something

Functions: Spray system
Soap, Disinfection & Co: Refills
Filling amount (Liter): 25 - 100 ml
Sanitary & Hygiene accessories: Air freshener refills, Air fresheners accessories
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