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2000W paint dryer with distance-, stand- and temperature control - heatlight

Ideal for smaller repairs, for use where space is at a premium and where full size mobiles are not necessary

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  • VI000033
  • Heatlight Infrarot
  • 9009817012672
Description This NEW mobile infrared dryer is specifically designed for use in small areas,... more
Product information "2000W paint dryer with distance-, stand- and temperature control - heatlight"


This NEW mobile infrared dryer is specifically designed for use in small areas, for smaller repairs.

Extremely mobile, the unit can be positioned accurately using the built in distance sensor control.

The 2000 model has two 1 KW Glare Control lamps, fitted into individual switchable cassettes.

Lamps emit short wave infrared heat ideal for optimizing drying of waterborne paints.

This flexible system allows each cassette to be adjusted and locked into position around the contours of the vehicle body, ensuring maximum area coverage.

The drying cycle has all the features of the larger systems with flash and bake controls both for temperature and time, automatically switching from flash to bake.

Typical drying cycle only costs 6 Pence (Based on 1Kw/hour of electricity costing 12 pence)


✔ 500mm 1Kw High output GC short wave tubes fitted to each cassette.

✔ Long lamp/emitter life with an average of 6000 hours. Typically 4 – 5 years continuous professional use.

✔ Specially designed electronic power and time control, offering 0  - 100% heat instantly through twin 30 minute timers on both the Flash and Bake settings.

✔ Robust steel constructed stable frame, fitted with rear wheel locking castors.

✔ Maintenance free cassettes with no fan or filter changes.

✔ Individually switched cassettes.

✔ Horizontal or vertical cassette operation.

Area coverage 800mm x 650mm

Minimum operating distance 500mm

Max vertical curing height 2000mm

220/240Volt 2KW 50Hz single phase ‑ 8.50amps

Data sheet (English):

Exploring Infrared Opportunities

We have worked in close association with the motor trade to produce effective and versatile product that is readily accepted by the paint spray personnel who actually use the equipment. We are currently the only manufacturer in the UK of infrared paint driers.


Unlike companies who import from Asia, the Victory systems are fully compliant. Fully CE and RoHS certified you can be sure that you are not in breach of European Law by handling and stocking our products. Victory works in accordance with ISO-9001. Look for our UK flag – our quality logo.


We use short wave infrared. This is the most environmentally efficient use of energy for paint drying. Efficiency increases of up to 90% are made over conventional systems plus drying times cut from typically 45 minutes to 10 minutes. Faster throughput and lower energy costs give a rapid return on investment. Victory short wave lamps are specifically tuned for paint drying and in normal use will comfortably last 20,000 hours.


Even heat distribution over the widest possible target area leads to high efficiency and to the best paint finish.  We have designed the parabolic reflector used in all the VLP systems to maximise efficiency. Asian products appearing on the market have copies of old designs with poor materials and lower efficiency. Our  parabolic reflector gives a totally uniform heat pattern. Unlike other European competitors the cassettes can be profiled to the curves of the target.


Our paint dryers are very robust and durable. They have been designed with the user in mind. All critical parts like lamps and reflectors are extremely easy to access for cleaning and replacement.


Technische Daten:

  • Area coverage 800mm x 650mm
  • Minimum operating distance 500mm
  • Max vertical curing height 2000mm
  • 220/240Volt 2KW 50Hz single phase  8.50amps

Heating method: Infrared
Power (watts): 1500 - 2000 Watt
Radiant heater type: Industrial - Professional sector, Paint drying system
Radiant heater mounting: Standing heaters
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