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Air Purifier UV-Disinfection Air Disinfection using UV-C | Sterilon Air 144W

UV disinfection air disinfection

Air disinfection with the Sterilon Air 144W air purifier - very good disinfection with UV-C

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UV Disinfection of Air with the Sterilon Air 144W Air Purifier The UV-C Sterilon Air lamps... more
Product information "Air Purifier UV-Disinfection Air Disinfection using UV-C | Sterilon Air 144W"

UV Disinfection of Air with the Sterilon Air 144W Air Purifier

The UV-C Sterilon Air lamps that use ultraviolet light (UV-C) are one of the most effective devices to fight viruses, bacteria. Remove fungi from the environment and destroy DNA and RNA from any microorganisms exposed to light. The lights are intended for wall mounting, but are also offered in a free-standing version. Selected versions are equipped with a 3 meter long power cord and a switch. The lamp can be operated in ECO mode, which makes it quieter.
The lights are recommended for use in shops (hairdressing salon, cosmetic studio), health facilities, hotels, public buildings, schools, offices, universities, administration buildings, care facilities and in the private sector.

Function of the flow disinfection of the air: With forced circulation, the air flows through the luminaire, where it is irradiated and disinfected and then transported outside. The UV-C light does not get out of the luminaire and can therefore be used in rooms where safe and effective disinfection of the air in the presence of people is required.

Effectiveness and operational safety are priorities: The interior construction of the luminaire ensures an excellent air flow and the highest disinfection effect. The UV-C Sterilon Air lamp is provided with an opening protection. An Allen key is required to remove the top cover.

ECO mode: In ECO mode, the flow rate can be reduced to 110 m³ / h by setting the fan speed, so that the leak is quieter. Please note. that for a sufficiently high disinfection effect the lamp must run in this mode for at least two hours longer than in standard operation

The Sterilon Air 144W air purifier is available in the following versions:

1. Wall or ceiling mounting without cables
2. Wall mounting with cable
3. Free-standing with cable

The assembly sets are included in the price.

Technical data of the UV-C Sterilon Air 144W air purifier:
- Disinfection device for disinfecting air using UV light
- Type of light: Ultraviolet UV-C light
- Air disinfection flow function: Yes
- Color: steel body powder-coated in white
- Cover made of high quality gray plastic
- Very low weight: approx. 3-4 kg
- Air flow: 160 m³ / h, 110 m³ / h in ECO mode
- Service life of the light source: 9000 h
- The maximum area to be disinfected (room volume) is approx. 150 m³ for flow disinfection
- Supply voltage: 220-240 V.
- Protection class against electric shock: I.
- Degree of tightness: IP20
- Variant with mains cable (3m) also equipped with an on / off switch
- Dimensions: 148mmx148mmx600mm (WxLxH)
- Luminaire with an operating time counter that shows the consumption of UV-C fluorescent tubes. After the programmed service life (9000) has expired, the UV-C fluorescent tubes must be replaced and the counter reset
- ECO mode: yes
- Dust filter
- Space for HEPA filters
- Accessories: HEPA filter

Scope of delivery: 1x Air Purifier UV-C Sterilon Air 144W in the selected variant

Data sheet UV-C Sterilon Air 144W:

Dreumex Haendedesinfektion Katalog

Technical Data:

  • FUNCTION: Disinfection of the air by UV-C
  • LONG LIFE: Life time of the light source: approx. 9000 hours
  • ELIMINATION: The UV-C Sterilon Air 144W flow lights are one of the most effective devices that can eliminate bacteria and fungi from the environment as well as DNA and RNA from any microorganisms against viruses
  • EFFECTIVE: The maximum area to be disinfected (room volume) is approx. 90 m³ for flow disinfection
  • VERSATILE: Recommended for use in shops (e.g. hairdressing salons, beauty and manicure salons), health facilities, hotels, public administration, educational and care facilities, private areas

Colors: Brushed stainless steel, Chrome, Grey, Polished stainless steel, Silver, White
Method of combating: UV Technique
Functions: with safety cable / plug (Schuko)
Further characteristics: UVC or ozon
Field of application: Hygiene & Health
Area of influence - m² / m³: 50 - 100m³
Power (watts): 40 - 80 Watt
Mounting: Portable device
Material: Plastic, Steel
Version: Indoor
Protection class: IP 20
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