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biodegradable - eco set for a waterless urinal

EcoBug¨ all in all sarter kit - for the waterless urinal system Ecobug E1001,E1004,E1056

Geeignet für bereits wasserlose Pissoire oder auch für wassergespülte Urinale. EcoBug® kann ohne technische Modifikationen - ganz einfach - am Urinal eingesetzt werden, benötigt keinen Umbau bzw. keine Investition. So können Sie ein bestehendes wassergespültes Urinal-System ohne Umbauarbeiten zu einem Wasserlosen Urinal umfunktionieren.

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The EcoBug® Urinal System is absolutely the right solution if you want to switch to a waterless... more

EcoBug® all in all sarter kit - for the waterless urinal system

The EcoBug® Urinal System is absolutely the right solution if you want to switch to a waterless urinal,or if you already have a waterless urinal! This system does not require any investment or any renovation work - only stop the water supply! Basically, the main problem in any toilet is the bad smell.

Whereas waterless urinal systems have proven not to function satisfying, the unique properties of the ecobug® Cap prevent nasty smells to appear.

CSE ecobug® products consist of microorganisms (=good bacteria like the kind found in yoghurt or cheese, for example), which break the urine up into its components and neutral moleculesAs a consequence the organicmatter that odour-producing bacteria normally grow on is degraded, or in other words: it prevents that a nasty smell "comes alive"!



- 10 piece ecobug caps`s

- 1 piece washroom cleaner concentrate 1L (1:35)

- 5 Piece urinal mat white

- 1 blank aerosol can with a red spray head


Moreover, the ecobug® Cap does not contain any insoluble fillers, making it 100% soluble. This stops the build-up of bits of block you see after 6-12 months in the drain, a toothpaste like substance. Furthermore, one should know that bacteria cannot break down inorganic material such as calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate AKA limescale, so ecobug® Cap contains additional natural ingredients that break these down intotheir chemical components.


ecobug® Washroom Cleaner is an effective blend of naturally-occurring microbes which degrade the organic matter that odour-producing bacteria normally grow on. So it manages smell and the microbes convert uric scale into more soluble compounds, thus preventing deposit build up. Extremely effective scenting allows for a fresh cleaner, greener smell in restrooms.

- Prevents nasty smell to occur instead of neutralising or covering up abad smell that is already there

- High amount of bacteria

- Registered single strain of bacteria designed to break down uric salt and out populate existing bacteria

- Contains natural ingredients to break down inorganic materials


At an already waterless urinal you need a adapter from ecobug!


Of 1 Liter HP Washroom Cleaner you get about 30 liters of ready to use solution


The white urinal mat made of plastic is suitable for the environmentally friendly urinal Ecobug® Cap! is used if the opening in the urinal ist to big or in bar as protection for cigarettes or chewing gum's. Trough this urinal mat cleaning your urinal is even easier! Thinks they do not belong in the urinals be easy away with the mat. Give the EcoBug® Cap in the envisaged circular opening of the urinal mat and give it in the urinal!


Please follow the videos, they show you how to use it!

EcoBag® Installation - Waterless Urinal



EcoBug® Washroom cleaner ready to use - cleaning of the Urinal



Attention: If you own and use this system please do not clean it with other cleaner because they destroy the good bacteria and then the effect is gone!!





We have created a seperate website for you, based on organicly developped products.

More information below "biohygiene.eu" (https://www.biohygiene.eu)



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Technical Data:

  • 100% solubly
  • biodegradable
  • delivery: 10 piece EcoBug cap - 5 piece urinal mat - 1 piece washroom cleaner concentrate (1:35)
  • Color: natural green
  • easy installation and maintenance of equipment

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