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IR-heating element with alu frame and wall houlder by Elbo Therm

Infrared aluminium heatingsystem 300 to 800W with diff. services by Elbo Therm. Inclusive alu frame and wall houlder

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  • Elbo therm
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The Elbo-therm exclusieve models Our exclusieve models always manufactured in framed... more
Product information "IR-heating element with alu frame and wall houlder by Elbo Therm"

The Elbo-therm exclusieve models
Our exclusieve models always manufactured in framed construction, whereby no riveting to the heater is visible. The back panel is made of aluminum, making an effective reflective effect is given. The Exclusive is available in almost all RAL colors at no extra charge. Please enter the four-digit RAL color number in your order.

(Standard color is RAL9016 / Transport White 2-4 days delivery time, other RAL color is about 10 days delivery).

In the event that you order a product that has been custom-made for you, for example with different dimensions, in your desired color or with a logo, the right of return expires.

Scope of supply:
1x Exclusief Model 600 with 2.5m cable with permanently encapsulated safety plug (Please select version)
Mounting: Wall bracket included
Frame: with aluminum frame
Warranty: 5 years


Optional: Thermostats (NOT included)


Possible execution (all with aluminum frame):
EX 300: 600x600x15mm 300W, 7kg
EX 400: 600x600x15mm 400W, 7kg
EX 450: 600x900x15mm 450W, 10.5kg
EX 600: 600x1100x15mm 600W, 14kg
EX 700: 600x1100x15mm 700W, 14kg
EX 800: 600x1100x15mm 800W, 14kg


Infrared Flat Heaters
With current heat .... Because everyone thinks the same to the small 200W fan, with which one at most hands can warm up a bit. That was yesterday, no two days ago.
The infrared technology is so advanced that you can copy the infrared radiation from the sun precisely with an electric heating element. This radiation is so effective that you can use as a rule of thumb to calculate: It takes 50-90 watts per square meter of electricity to a pleasant warmth in our homes to achieve. Of course, the best way to save energy is the isolation. With top modern isolation of their living spaces, the value is lower even at 40 watts / square meter.
Of course, you can operate in a space even more heating elements. According to your individual requirements.


- Economical & Ecological
- Up to 50% less cost of acquisition and heating costs compared to other heating systems
- Heating yield almost 100% and subject to change at this level
- No heat stratification - therefore also suitable for high ceilings!
- No oxygen consumption
- Space-saving and maintenance free (as opposed to the burner, boiler, fireplace)
- No additional costs through chimney sweep or storage of oil or pellets
- Avoids season losses
- Easy installation with plug
- Very low installation costs
- Long service life because no moving parts
- Little energy expenditure by direct radiation
- In conjunction with green electricity, the cleanest and most thinnest Heating
- No emission
- Hygienic, no disturbing draft
- No dust dispersion
- No dry air

Device Properties:

All Standard and Exclusive models are available in almost all RAL colors at no extra charge. Please enter the four-digit RAL color number in your order.
The surface temperature of the heater is located at 85 degrees Celsius. There is no risk of serious burns, if the heating element is touched.
The heating element generates almost no electromagnetic pollution. The magnetic field is less than the field strength of a normal light bulb.
The panel radiators are decorative and are delivered with a restraint system.
The assembly is to be compared with the Hang an image.
You need an outlet only in the vicinity. Of course, a flush-mounted installation of the cable and the thermostat is also possible.
The back panels are coated in the same RAL color as the front, so its use as a standard model and auxiliary heater nothing more stands in the way.
Proper use as a full heating brings you a healthy indoor climate and energy savings

All products by Therm Elbo are manufactured in Germany under strict quality standards.
Preparation according to VDE

CE: The manufacturer or EU importer declares in accordance with EU regulation 765/2008, "that the product conforms to the applicable requirements, which are set out in the Community harmonization legislation providing for its affixing


RoHS: The EU Directive 2002/95 / EC on the Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment regulates the use of hazardous substances in devices and components. They, as well as the respective implementation in national law is, collectively referred to with the abbreviation RoHS.

IP44 The IP44 describes the protection of our products against;
✔ access with wire
✔ solid foreign objects with a diameter of 1mm at least
✔ splashing water




Technical Data:

  • Model: 1 x infrared heating system
  • Color: RAL-colors
  • Watts: 300 to 800W
  • Frame: inclusieve
  • Wall houlder: inclusieve
  • Warrary: 5 years

Colors: Black, RAL-Colors, Red, White, Yellow
Protection class: IP 44
Power (watts): 250 - 500 Watt, 500 - 1000 Watt
Radiant heater mounting: Portable - Mobile, Wall heaters
Functions: with safety cable / plug (Schuko)
Area of influence - m² / m³: 0 - 20 m²
Radiant heater features: Wall bracket included
Radiant heater type: Design heating panel, Gastronomy, House & Garden, Infrared Elbo Exclusiv series, Infrared radiators
Version: Indoor
Heating method: Infrared
Material: Steel
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