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mySpa flexible 2-in-1 shower gel dispenser - ABS plastic for a long-lasting and hard-wearing dispenser.

mySpa ist purer Ausdruck von Umweltschutz und Modernität. Ein System, das perfekt mit unserem anliegen als Hersteller korrespondiert: Respekt vor der Umwelt, Kostenkontrolle und Kostenreduktion für unsere Kunden, kompaktes und simples Design sowie eine einfache und angenehme Bedienbarkeit.

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mySPA for body an hair     Take care of yourself an the planet.  ... more

mySpa 2-in-1 shower gel and shampoo dispenser - a fast an flexible user experience

mySPA for body an hair 


Take care of yourself an the planet.


Where Economy means ecology.


The 2-in1 shower gel dispenser corresponds perfectly with today's values. He is Eco-friendly, extremely economical and compact enough to fit any environment - that's a smart piece of equipment.

With mySpa you no longer need to compromise between reducing operational costs, quality, hygiene and ecology. That's what makes this already well-loved system an excellent alternative to one-dose,

pump top, "press and wash" and refillable dispensers.


⇒ It takes just one touch of the dosing button to obtain an exact dose of 1 ml. Your clients will therefore use less product than with systems without the dosing function.

⇒ The mySpa Refill is 100% retractable so not a drop is wasted.

⇒ A 350ml cartridge lasts for approximately 4 weeks, offering considerable savings on daily maintenance costs. (NOT included in the delivery)


A special key to look the system and make stealing the cartridge impossible. ABS plastic for a long-lasting and hard-wearing dispenser.

Also includes is a smart window to check the level of product remaining and a Anti-drip pump.

An push button  to release one dose of 2-in-1 gel using just one head. The mySpa refill is a single-use cartridge that is completely retractable and airtight. It takes

only a few seconds to change. Average reach a target of 80% less waste. 

Choosing mySpa reduces waste and costs and keeps customers happy!


Dispenser available in:


→ white

→ silver (metallic)

→ black 

(Soap not included in delivery)


With its simple and modern design - both minimal and compact, curvaceous and refined - mySpa is at home in bathrooms of every size 

and style. Every color is the perfect fit, whether you opt of Timeless White, Precious Silver or Exclusive Black.


Technical information:


- Dimensions: H: 200 mm B: 60mm T: 60mm

- Weight: 0,2 kg 

- Fitting:  Tabe or screws (both included in delivery)

- Soap not included in delivery 

- with Anti-drip pump



Technical Data:

  • Fitting with Tabe or screws (Both included in delivery)
  • available in black, white or silver
  • Dimensions: H: 200mm W: 60mm D: 60mm
  • up until 80% less waste 
  • airtight packaging an integrated Anti-drip pump

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