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refill for my-SPA shower gel system - recyclable and airtight

Die mySPA Nachfüllpackung ist recycelbar und kann mit dem herkömmlichen Müll entsorgt werden. Sie ist zudem weniger Sperrig als Hartplastikflaschen oder die allgegenwärtige Menge an kleinen Flaschen.

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my Spa refill cartridge    Our 2-in 1 shower gel unveils its gentle texture... more

mySPA refill for shower gel dispenser - with integrated anti-drip pump

my Spa refill cartridge 


Our 2-in 1 shower gel unveils its gentle texture and delicate perfume on contact with skin. 

Ultra-concentrated, rich and creamy, with the mySPA 2.in-1 shower gel  a little goes a long 

way, with no compromise on skin softness. Completely airtight and with integrated anti-drip pump system,

my SPA offers you clients the reassurance of perfekt hygiene. No more contamination risks and a cartridge 

refill system that ensures perfekt traceability.


→  It takes just one touch of the dosing button to obtain an exact dose of 1 ml. Your clients will therefore use less product than with systems without the dosing function.

→ The my Spa Refill is 100% retractable so not a drop is wasted.

→ An ultra-rich and concentrated 2-in 1 shower gel with zero parabens which leaves the skin soft and delicately fragranced with just one or two doses.


A 350 ml cartridge lasts for approximately 4 weeks, offering considerable savings on daily maintenance costs.

This system also saves on soap while reducing your monthly waste. in fact, 1 empty mySpa Refill is the equivalent of 60 empty small shower 

gel and shampoo bottles on average.

On average, a client uses 15 % of the shower gel in small bottles. the other 85% is pure waste - bad news for your pocket and for the environment. 

Choosing mySpa reduces waste and costs and keeps customers happy.


MySpa refill is a single-use cartridge that is completely retractable and airtight. It takes only a few seconds to change.

The mySpa dispenser guaranteed within seconds Changing the cartridge.



Technical Data:

  • disposable cartridge 
  • 80 % of economy 
  • can be disposed of with other common wastes
  • with integrated anti drip pump 
  • 100% retractable so not a drop is wasted

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