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Soap- and disinfection dispenser made of stainless steel 500 ml by Ophardt

Ophardt ingo-man® disinfection- and soap dispenser 1417569, made of stainless steel, for wall mounting, in diff. variations aviable, 500 ml

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  • OH000001-5
  • Ophardt Hygiene
  • 4054009146494
Ophardt ingo-man® plus soap and disinfectant Dispenser with Counter 1417569 (500ml): Soap and... more
Product information "Soap- and disinfection dispenser made of stainless steel 500 ml by Ophardt"

Ophardt ingo-man® plus soap and disinfectant Dispenser with Counter 1417569 (500ml):

Soap and disinfectant dispenser for disinfectants, lotions and liquid soaps. Particularly suitable for hospitals, medical practices, health and care facilities.
Autoclavable dispenser with long operating lever for elbow operation made of stainless steel. Exchangeable stainless steel pump with 3 dosage rates that can be adjusted (max. 1.5 ml/stroke). For use with 500 ml disposable bottles.
Includes wall plate, mounting kit, and empty bottle. The dispenser is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

ingo-man® plus Counter
Proven quality, future-oriented functionality
Do you expect many years of quality and reliability from your dispenser system? But also the possibility of sustainably optimizing your hygiene and quality management? Then the new ingo-man® plus Counter is your dispenser system of choice.

Effectively improve compliance records
The integrated counter function of the new ingo-man® plus Counters reliably measures the number of performed hand disinfections.
Compliance in hand hygiene (the observation of the recommended measures for hand disinfection) can be determined much more precisely using this system than the procedures currently applied.
The goal of both reliable dosage-control, as well as sustainable optimization of hand hygiene in your establishment, can be realized within the new ingo-man® plus Counter in a convenient and practical way.

Precise counter function, for measurement and improvement of compliance in hand hygiene.

High hygienic standard through anodized aluminum surfaces
Stress resistant construction optimized for continuous use
Exchangeable plates for individual product labelling

Available colours: aluminium housing-silver anodized, aluminium housing-white powder coated, stainless steel housing

Pump and dosage
Standard pump: 24 series pump: stainless steel, bent stainless-steel tube, autoclavable
Dosage: approx. 0,75 ml/1,0 ml/1,2 ml/1,5 ml

For soap, disinfection solutions, lotions, etc

The ingo-man® plus soap and disinfection dispenser systems are flexible and highly configurable!
With following options and accessories you can optimize your product individually.


Aluminium housing, silver anodized
Aluminium housing, white powder coated
Stainless steel housing


Pump 24 stainless steel
Pump 25 stainless steel
High-quality plastic pump
Plastic spray pump
Plastic foam pump

Drip tray
Signal frame
Locking plate

For further questions, please contact us!

Ophardt Product Numbers:

Short lever, 500ml
Aluminium: 1417455, 1417566, 1418154, 1417567, 1417568
Stainless steel: 1417569, 1417570, 1418162, 1417571, 1417572
White: 1417573, 1417574, 1418158, 1417575, 1417576

Long lever, 500ml
Aluminium: 1417454, 1417577, 1418156, 1417578, 1417579
Stainless steel: 1417580, 1417581, 1418164,1417582,1417583
White: 1417584, 1417585, 1418160, 1417586, 1417587

Data sheet:



Technische Daten:

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Filling: For soap, disinfection solutions, lotions
  • Variations: Long or short lever / Color: Stainless steel, white or aluminium
  • Capacity: 500 ml
  • Mounting: Wall mounting

Types of dispensers: Disinfectant dispenser, Soap dispenser
Soap, Disinfection & Co: Body cleanser and care products, Disinfectants, Hand disinfectants
Material: Stainless steel
Filling amount (Liter): 250 - 500 ml
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