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Dear Customers & Business Partners!

On this page you will find handy information and news about our products and our webshop.

In this day and age, we have created two COVID-19 categories for your convience, in which you will mainly find immediate and quickly deliverable disinfectants, disinfectant dispensers and hand sanitizer stands:

Code 1: FREEMOUTHMASKS50 ➽ Free! 50 facemasks when ordering from €150,-
Code 2: FREEDISINFECTANT5L ➽ Free! 5L hand disinfectant when ordering from €200,-
(*while stock lasts, 1 code per order, promotions cannot be combined)

Test Winner Website & Online Service
Hygiene-shop.eu got first place in an online test about hygiene shops!
The most important arguments which led to this result are:

  • Website layout & category design
  • User friendliness
  • Customer service
  • Many different payment methods
  • High quality & competitive prices


TIP: Sinfectin disinfectants with super competitive pricing!


We wish everyone good health in these crazy times!

We will keep you informed about relevant changes and developments.

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with hygienic regards,

Your Hygiene-shop.eu Team

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''Older messages''

Slowly back to normal: Fortunately, normality slowly retursn to everyday life. We still have to cope with extreme amounts of orders and requests. Which is not surprising, as we offer the right products when it comes to professional hygiene, cleaning & disinfection!

Still very busy: Due to the continuing busyness, we sometimes lay a bit behind when answering emails and processing orders. We ask for your understanding and are sorry for any inconvenience. We do everything we can to answer inquiries and process orders as quickly as possible.

600x more ordered as normal: Suppliers are struggling to keep up whit the huge demand. Especially products from suppliers Mediclinics and Ophardt (which of last named has a 600x increase in orders that need to be processed..), longer delivery and processing times need to be taken into account.

TIP: In our category COVID-19 Products, you will find products sorted by delivery time.


  • Ons staff: is fully back in our office.
  • Order-Tsunami: It is slowly getting a bit quieter again, but questions, request and orders regarding disinfection and dispensers continue. We do our best to process your inquiries asap.
  • Manufacturers: can barely keep up with inquiries regarding disinfection products and disinfectants.. This means a longer delivery time ist due for many of those products.
  • Requests: Due to the large number of requests, we ask for your understanding that our answer will take longer than you are used from us. We are in constant contact with our suppliers/manufacturers, but they too have a lot to deal with at the moment.
  • Ordering: We are constantly looking for alternative products and refills. Your order will be saved in our system and will be delivered as soon as we can deliver.

  • Stainless Steel Disinfection Dispensers: within the higher segment, dispenser products from, for example, the Franke & Bobrick brands, are the fastest for us to supply at the moment.
  • NEW & Quick Delivery: Mouth Face masks 3-layer with elastic Tie-On straps.
  • NEW & Quick Delivery: Mobile stainless steel hand washing station. Can be placed anywhere, without installation, built-up in 5 minutes & ready for use!
  • NEW & Quick Delivery: Standing disinfection station available in the most complety version! Hand disinfection, plastic glove dispenser, towel roll holder, waste bin.. Optional: available in all RAL-colours! (from 20pcs)
  • Non't Forget!: Insects are on their way again – We offer you a 10% discount on our entire fly traps range when you order before the 1st of June 2020! Enter discount code INSECT10 when ordering.

If you have any questions or if something is unclear, please contact us!
Your Hygiene-shop.eu Team


We are working at Full Speed and are all Healthy!

  • Our Staff: 50% of our staff are working in our office & warehouse, mainly for parcel distribution purposes.
  • Home-Office: the other 50% of our staff has home-office, your call will be automatically forwarded. You can contact us by using our normal telephone number.
  • Order-Tsunami: it is and has been very, very busy at the Hygiene-shop.eu and still is. We had a kind of an order-tsnunami, especcially regarding disinfection products. Delivery times have increased considerably because many products were sold out instantly and suppliers are having difficulties keeping up due to the enormous demand.
  • Disinfection Dispenser: manufacturers are working 24/7 and can fulfill the new delivery times for almost 100%.
  • Disinfectants: we had to put some of our disinfection products offline due to the enormous amount of orders. Also, deliveries to hospitals and healthcare institutions comes first.
  • Guaranteed Delivery Date: regarding hand sanitizers, surface disinfecting and various sterilizing cleaning agents, we can no longer provide you with binding or guaranteed delivery dates. The reasons therefore are; production delays, delivery delays, closed areas/provinces/countries.
  • Ordering: of course, our customers can place orders, which will be delivered a.s.a.p. In any case, you will no longer be completely at the back of the "queue".
  • Delivery Partners: and shipment services have to work under difficult and unforeseen circumstances, but so far everything is still going according to plan.
  • Orders with Longer Delivery Times: We kindly request, that if your company is temporarily closed and delivery is no longer possible, you please inform us in time, so we are able to change your delivery address. We immediately will inform the delivery company.
  • Our Assortment: all other products in our shop are available for purchase. Please note that especially for manufacturers from Italy, it's very difficult to give you exact delivery times due to "(temporary) company closure due to corona" and some production lines are shut down. Also, unforeseen production and/or delivery problems could prolong delivery time.


On this page we would like to inform you about the developments concerning the corona virus (COVID-19) in regard to our company. Now, everything is back to ''normal''. We are working hard to process your orders & questions as quickly as possible.

Today, at the time of this writing, it is the 1st of July. Various relaxations have entered into force in many countries affected by Corona. Fortunately, everything goes back to '' normal ''. This also applies for us in regard to our company, where we have experienced an unprecedented bustle in recent months. Which is of course not surprising given our product range. Nevertheless, this has been a huge challenge for us and we are very proud of our company, our employees and all our partners who have done enormous amounts of work!

It was really a madhouse with an unprecedentedly high number of orders and questions regarding hygiene and disinfection. Some of our manufacturers have had 600x more orders to process than normal.. Delivery delays were pre-programmed..

The Hygiene-shop.eu Team would like to thank our customers for their understanding and patience in recent months!

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