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Mosquito Killer Fan & Fly Fan Traps ▶ Insect Killer with Fan

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Moel fan-insectkiller insectivoro kyoto 396A - insecttrap - 35 watt MO-EL 396A Blue insectivoro fan-insectannihilator 396A...
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Moel germicidal uvc fan insectkiller insectivoro 363G with 230V - 50Hz MO-EL 363G Bug Trap with HACCP – The Mo-El Insectivoro...
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Grey insectivoro fan-insectkiller 368G with 230V - 50Hz and 55W from Moel MO-EL 368G Moel fan-insectannihilator insectivoro 368G -...
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Turbine - Professional insect trap for agriculture with a fan MO-EL Insect Trap Aluminium Insect Fan Trap Turbine Professional 25L for...
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Moel fan-insectkiller insectivoro 361B - ventilator insecttrap - 55 watt MO-EL 361B Blue insectivoro fan-insectannihilator 361B...
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Moel fluo insectkiller 368 available in neon red or neon green with 230V - 50Hz MO-EL 368FR,368FG Fluo insectannihilator 368 with...
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Moel blue moon insectkiller 3688B with 25 watt and ventialtortechnique MO-EL 3688B Mosquito & Fly Fan Trap Blue Moon 25W - MO-EL...
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Details of the Mosquito Fan Killer & Insect Fan Trap

Insect Fan Traps & Mosquito Killers ▶ Insect traps with fan-technology attract annoying visitors such as mosquitoes, flies and moths with the help of a highly effective UV-bulb or tube. When the insect comes closer, the fan sucks the insect inside the device and does its job. The insects will be collected in the so-called insect storage area or insect storage container.


Because of their size and weight, most of these mosquito fan killers & fly fan traps are very easy to take with you and you can place the insect-fan directly where its needed.
You will find many different kind of insect killers in our webshop. When it comes to mosquito & fly fan traps, you will find, among others, the demanded fly fan traps from the Insectivoro product range of which some also come with the HACCP-certificat. (please click here for all our haccp insect killers).

All the fly fan traps & mosquito killers from the Insectivoro product range can be purchased at

  • Mosquito Fan Killer Sterilizer 363G
  • Blue Fan Insect Killer Basic 361B
  • Red Insect Fan Trap Fluo 368FR
  • Green Fly Fan Trap Fluo 368FG
  • Grey Mosquito Killer 368G
  • Light-Blue Mosquito Killer Kyoto 396A

The big boy in our insect fan trap range is perfect for agriculture companies like animal husbandries, horse stables, farms ans so-on. – the insect fan trap Turbine Professional from Mo-El has our recommendation!


The Suction Fan does its Job and Sucks the Insects into the Fan Trap

Annoying insects which are within range will be lured by the powerfull UV-light, the suction fan does its job and sucks the insects inside, where they are being collected in a small container – which has to be emptied now and then. We also offer an insect fan trap which has the possibility to operate on a battery, which of course is ideal for camping and traveling! In addition to our mosquito fan killers & insect fan traps you will of course find all other insect killer insect killing technics represented in our other categories:


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