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Order Lotion Dispensers & Cream Soap Dispensers easily Online

Cream soap dispensers & lotion dispensers often have a different inner life than conventional soap dispensers which are suitable for liquid soaps and disinfectants.

Cream soap & lotion dispensers are manufactured specifically for thicker liquids like lotions. A cream soap dispenser and/or lotion dispenser is desirable in many different sectors, for example for saunas and wellness areas, but also for areas where a lot of cleaning agents are used (e.g. housekeeping, car repair shop..). The constant contact between hands and cleaning agents & detergents irritates the skin. In this case it is very handy to have a nourishing lotion dispenser around.

Wall Mounted Lotion Dispenser & Wall Mounted Cream Soap Dispensers

A wall mounted lotion dispenser & wall mounted cream soap dispenser are types of hygiene dispensers which you do not see as often as normal soap dispensers. Although these dispensers are used as well as in companies, factories and in private residences. They are most seen at swimming pools, saunas, welness areas and the like. Order three same dispenser models in three different colours (you can either select a model with standard colours or choose a dispenser where you can select the RAL-colour of your choosing), in this way you can combine soap, desinfectant and lotion dispensers for your staff and/or quests!

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