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Insect Repellent Spray Dispensers ▶ Automatic Fly Spray Dispensers

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SET Spray Spender Maxi MF Insekten Sprayspender + 6x Insektizid Fly Out 250ml 3000-102,044 SET 6x Insektizid Fly Out 250ml + Spray Spender...
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SET Automatischer Spender Air Control Premium + 6x Insektizid Distair 250ml 030BI,028-P SET 6x Insektizid Distair 250ml + Automatischen...
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Aerosol Spender Spray Maxi MF - Auch als Insekten Sprayspender zu gebrauchen SprayMagic MF SlimLine Aerosol Spender Spray Maxi MF - Auch als...
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Air Free Premium Freshener or Anti insect dispenser - With remote control Air Free Premium Freshener or Anti insect...
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Prodifa Professional Aerosol-Spender - Als Anti Insektspender zu gebrauchen Prodifa DBASIC2 Prodifa Professional Aerosol-Spender - Als Anti...
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Automatic Insect Repellent Spray Dispensers

Insect Repellent Spray Dispensers ▶ Automatic fly spray dispensers are a very discrete way of getting rid of annoying flying insects. Most of these devices can be programmed by interval or can be operated with a remote control. It is actually 2 devices in 1, where in the spring and summer time the spray dispenser can be used as a insect repellent spray dispenser – in autumn and in the winter it can be easily transformed in to an automatic air freshener. Two birds with one stone!

Next to our automatic fly spray dispensers you will find all other sorts of insect killers & fly traps in our online shop. For professional insect repellents (like bug bombs, moth sprays, mosquito spray and so-on), spare partsinsect dispenser spray cans, glue boards, shatterproof UV-tubes and other insect killing accessories – you have found the right place!



Bug Sprays & Bug Spray Dispensers will make sure that Insects do not even want to go Inside your Establishment at All!

An automatic mosquito dispenser & bug spray dispenser is an easy way to keep unwanted flying insects outside. It creates a kind of "fragrance curtain", a barier so to speak, which will keep those annoying insects like flies & mosquitoes outside. In times where there are no insects arround, the dispenser can operate as a automatic air freshener as well! Bug spray cans and replacement spray cans for your automatic bug spray dispensers can be easily purchased from us online. In our pricing we automatically calculate a discount when buying multiple items at once. An insect spray dispenser is not actually a fly trap or an insect killer. It does not kill insects – it keeps insects at a distance. Where UV-light attracts insects to kill them in a "normal" insect killer – a bug spray dispenser's method is to keep the insects from even entering your establishment or residence in the first place.


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